Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me on auction day?

You will need a valid ID and a $500 cash deposit.

If I do not successfully bid on a vehicle will I receive my deposit back?

Yes. If you are unsuccessful with your bids, return your bid badge and receipt to a front office clerk within a half hour after the repo auction and you will be refunded your deposit.

Is there a buying fee?

Yes, the bid price of the vehicle does not reflect any fees that are designated by the auction house.

How much are the buyer fees?

Buyer fees vary based on car. We do not post our fee schedule. An average buyer's fee is just under $275.

What time should I arrive?

Registration will begin 2 hours prior to the auction. You will want to allow adequate time to inspect the vehicles.

Can I pay my deposit with a debit card, credit card, or certified check?

No. We require a cash deposit.

Who will I be bidding against?

Public Buyers and Automobile Dealers will be eligible to register for a bid badge.

Where do the vehicles come from?

Mortgagees (banks, credit unions, finance companies and other lenders) who have repossessed a vehicle due to default in the terms of a mortgage contract. The mortgagee is the “seller”.

How much does a typical car sell for at the auction?

Selling price varies for each unit. To see what vehicles sold for in previous auctions view the Market Report.

Can I bring a guest?

You are allowed 1 guest per bid badge. Guests are required to obtain a guest pass. Guests will be asked to leave if they attempt to place a bid.

Can I test drive the vehicles?

You may not test drive the vehicles before the auction. After you have successfully bid on a vehicle you will be able to test drive that vehicle to inspect for any qualifying arbitrations.

How long does an auction last?

The repossession auction will last about an hour. It depends on how many vehicles will run through the sale.

Do you sell the vehicle regardless of the minimum bid?

No, we are not an absolute auction, meaning that if the seller does not agree upon the highest bid, the sale may be rejected or countered.

Can I spectate a live auction without giving a deposit since I do not plan on bidding?

No. In order to spectate a live auction you must follow the same registration process as people who plan on bidding. You may also spectate a live auction as a guest of a registered public bidder. This ensures that spectators are held accountable for their actions.

Will I receive a title?

If the title is not available the day of the sale, we contact the buyer when it is available.

Do you offer a warranty on the vehicles?

No. Most vehicles offered through the repossession auction are sold As-Is. However some vehicles will carry an Auction Guarantee (more on Auction Guarantee found on 101 page).

Can I consign or sell a vehicle at the auction?

Sellers must have a valid Motor Vehicle Dealer License to consign a vehicle at our auction.

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